Borderless Prepaid Card

The Borderless Prepaid Multicurrency Card is a unique smart multi-currency card enabling the cardholder to use the appropriate currency loaded on the card – based on the country being visited. As of today, 10 currencies can be loaded on the same.

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10 Currencies

Multicurrency Forex Card

Multicurrency Forex Card, designed for the customer who travel extensively across the globe. It is a unique product with multiple currencies loaded on the same card, thus eliminating the need for carrying multiple cards for different countries. This card can be used at merchant establishments and ATM’s. You may choose from any of our agent partners.

Benifits on your Card


Single card loaded with multiple currencies (10 currencies available). Shop online, withdraw cash from ATM and pay at retail stores accepting Visa.


Cardholders can make purchases or get cash when they need it, rather than carrying large sums of cash. Access to funds on a forex card is protected by a OTP at online portals, PIN at ATMs and merchant locations.


For people without a bank account, forex cards provide the convenience and security of a card product without requiring an existing banking relationship.

Better Finance Management

Itemized statements and online reporting make tracking of expenses and monitoring card activity easier and more efficient than cash or cheques.

One Currency Card

Round the world with one card

The One Currency Card is a single currency US dollar denominated pre-loaded card. Thomas Cook is the only non-banking entity, and the first in India with this unique card, offering zero cross currency conversion charges, across the world.

How To Use